NM MMIP Clearinghouse

Each header has a brief description of what the documents are and how the advisory council utilized them.

New Mexico Missing Murdered Indigenous Persons Advisory Council Report published December 2020. The first report published by the NM MMIP Advisory Council. The advisory council spent 13 months collecting information and data unique to the state of New Mexico and tribal communities in order to complete this final report. 

Major sections of the report; Defining Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons (MMIP), Background and Contextual Considerations for Indian Country, Preliminary Results from Data Analysis, Advisory Council Recommendations, Appendices.

The Southwest Indian Law Clinic conducted independent studies of laws and crime that affect MMIP cases and investigations in New Mexico. The reports were used as contributing information for the published final report of the MMIP Advisory Council.

Harvard University students from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government: Nation Building II Spring 2021 course assisted the advisory council by providing a report which includes: strategic planning, prioritizing report recommendations, receiving community feedback, and next steps for the state in this work.

Surveying tribal law enforcement, service providers, and survivors and families, was outlined as a goal of the advisory council. These are samples of the surveys created by the advisory council. Each NM tribe and the NM Indian Affairs Department was requested to enter into a data-sharing agreement in order to collect data and feedback from tribal members and tribal service providers.

The MMIP Advisory Council held public meetings that were transcribed. Meeting transcripts and agendas were documented for reference in the final report.

First Meeting 11/8/2019 at CNM Albuquerque, NM

Second Meeting 12/12/2019 First United Methodist Church Gallup, NM

    Third Meeting 2/21/2020 Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Albuquerque, NM

      Fourth Meeting 3/27/2020 Zoom meeting

      Fifth Meeting 4/8/2020 Zoom meeting

      Sixth Meeting 10/8/2020 Zoom meeting

      Seventh Meeting 5/5/2021 Zoom meeting

      Eighth Meeting 6/25/2021 Zoom meeting

      Ninth Meeting 7/29/2021 Zoom meeting

      Tenth Meeting 8/31/2021 Zoom meeting

      Eleventh Meeting 9/27/2021 Zoom meeting

      Twelfth Meeting 10/26/2021 Zoom meeting

      Goals and objectives that were outlined by the MMIP Advisory Council members.

      An estimated timeline of projects that contributed to the work of the MMIP Advisory Council.

      The IPRA request that the advisory council submitted to law enforcement agencies and offices in efforts to collect data throughout the state of New Mexico.

      This document serves to outline the data gathering plan to meet the research goals and objectives for the final report.

      This document provides acronyms and terms that were defined in order to develop a shared vision and vocabulary for describing and addressing the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous persons.