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Behavioral Health & Suicide Prevention


The Behavioral Health Program is committed to support and enhance the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of NM Tribal Indigenous Peoples. ​

IAD Vision

Our vision is that tribal nations, tribal communities, and Indigenous people are happy, healthy, and prosperous and that traditional ways of life are honored, valued, and respected.​

Key Aims

  • Partner with Nations, Pueblos, and Tribes to build capacity for tribal behavioral health and suicide prevention programs to reduce risk and increase protective factors to prevent suicide amongst Native Americans, particularly youth. ​
  • Ensure expanded outreach, engagement and collaboration with the Nations, Pueblos, Tribes, Indigenous peoples, and stakeholders.​

For questions about the Behavioral Health/Suicide Prevention Program

Carmela Quitugua, Program Coordinator
New Mexico Indian Affairs Department

Email: Carmela.Quitugua@iad.nm.gov