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Staff Directory

Office of the Secretary

Josett D. Monette

Cabinet Secretary

Email: Josett.Monette@iad.nm.gov

Cell: (505) 690-1661

Seth Damon

Deputy Secretary (PSD)

Email: Seth.Damon@iad.nm.gov

Cell: (505) 795-3622

Janelle Frederick

Deputy Secretary (ASD)

Email: Janelle.Frederick@iad.nm.gov 

Cell: (505) 479-2627

Delilah Tenorio

General Counsel

Email: Delilah.tenorio@iad.nm.gov

Phone: (505) 469-7599

Brigitte Jordan-Mincks

Executive Assistant

Email: Brigitte.Jordan@iad.nm.gov

Phone: (505) 476-1600

Cell: (505) 699-4938

Program Services Division

Jamerson Ray Tafoya

Policy and Government Relations Director

Email: Ray.tafoya@iad.nm.gov

Cell: (505) 699-0911

Aaron Lopez

Communications Director

Email: Aaron.Lopez@iad.nm.gov

Cell: (505) 709-5655

Michael Chacon

Tribal Environmental Justice Specialist

Email: Michael.Chacon@iad.nm.gov

Cell: (505) 469-7090

Carnely Gauna

Tribal Consultation Specialist

Email: Carnely.Gauna@iad.nm.gov

Cell: (505) 699-3354

Carmela Quitugua

Behavioral Health Specialist

Email: Carmela.Quitugua@iad.nm.gov

Administrative Services Division (ASD)

The Administrative Services Division is responsible for providing fiscal support and guidance to all programs and bureaus within the department.

Monica Maestas


Email: Monica.Maestas@iad.nm.gov

Cell: (505) 690-5694


Capital Outlay/Tribal
Infrastructure Fund Manager



Connie Garcia

CO/TIF Administrator

Email: Connie.Garcia@iad.nm.gov

Cell: (505) 469-7057

Vanessa Gutierrez

CO/TIF Administrator

Email: Vanessa.Gutierrez@iad.nm.gov

Phone: (505) 469-9476

Monica Cordova

CO/TIF Administrator

Email: Monica.Cordova@iad.nm.gov

Phone: (505) 490-0545

Jeffrey Christianson

CO/TIF Administrator

Email: Jeffery.Christianson@iad.nm.gov

Tanya Lansing

Accountant/Auditor Supervisor

Email: Tanya.Lansing@iad.nm.gov

Phone: (505) 709-0951

Nora Torres


Email: Nora.Torres@iad.nm.gov