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IAD Insight June 2018

2018 State-Tribal Leaders Summit

The 2018 State-Tribal Leaders Summit was held on June 6 – 7, 2018 at the Pueblo of Acoma, Sky City Casino Hotel and Conference Center. This annual Summit is held in accordance with the State-Tribal Collaboration Act (STCA) between the State of New Mexico and New Mexico Nations, Pueblos and Tribes to address issues of mutual concern. During the two-day Summit, topics of discussion were on the following: Substance Abuse and Intervention; Capital Outlay Processes; Targeted Response to the Opioid Crisis; Infrastructure Development and Collaboration (Opportunity Zones); Deployment of the NM Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network; and Drought and its Effects on NM. Tribal leaders, their program directors and staff exchanged information, addressed issues, and collaborated with State Cabinet Secretaries and staff representing the respective agencies. In preparation for the Summit, the presenters met several times to prepare and coordinate their presentations. The time spent on the topic of discussion was acknowledged by attendees and was of value and appreciated. Pueblo of Acoma Governor, Kurt Riley delivered the invocation and welcome address and stated, “almost all of us would agree that the first step to building good relationships is communication, is collaboration, and most importantly, is consultation”.

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