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IAD Insight March 2018

NM Indian Affairs Department

Acting Cabinet Secretary Suzette A. Shije would like to thank you for taking time to read our monthly newsletter – IAD Insight. In this issue, IAD insight covers accomplishments and updates on what is happening within the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department (IAD).

  • Project Update – IAD has been working with the Tribes, Pueblos and Nation to close out projects and in this fiscal year 2018, twenty-five (25) Tribal Infrastructure Fund projects and forty-seven (47) Capital Outlay projects have been closed. We like to thank the grantees in working with IAD to have closed out a total of 72 successful projects.
  • Special Projects Update – In fiscal year 2018, Acting Secretary Shije has been working diligently with the grantees by conducting site visits and receiving status updates on special projects – Language Preservation, Veterans Outreach Program, Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Projects.

IAD is committed in working with State Agencies and supports the Nations, Pueblos and Tribes to improve the quality of life for native communities within the State of New Mexico.

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